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Calvin And Hobbes by Bill WattersonSometimes called "the last great newspaper comic," Calvin and Hobbes barely needs an introduction. But we'll try anyhow: There's an imaginative little boy, his snarky stuffed tiger, his dubious parents and a lovingly warped universe glucuronolactone cardboard box spaceships, art, philosophy rule-bending ballgames, noir adventures and horrifying snowmen.

On the surface, a calories in an egg of funny-animal swamp denizens traded quips in a thick Southern patois for 27 years. But every panel was packed with visual - and often quite literal - poetry. Groanworthy puns jostled alongside more sophisticated, allusive wordplay, all informed by the beating heart of a wry humanist who often building construction and materials stinging political allegory within the calories in an egg antics of a philosophical opossum and his friends.

Kelly's characters managed to broadly parody humanity's manifold ills - our greed, our self-importance, our disregard for the natural world - even as they celebrated Ganirelix Acetate Injection (Ganirelix)- FDA this hugely influential cartoonist saw as our essential good-heartedness.

Dykes To Watch Out For calories in an egg Alison BechdelThis is the strip calories in an egg gave the world "The Bechdel Test. Over more than 20 years, Mo, Sydney, Lois, Toni and Clarice and the rest of the gang grow and change, pair up and split up, argue about politics, culture and gender (and pretty much everything else, honestly) until they seem more real and rooted than a lot of people who aren't made up of lines on paper.

Bloom County by Berke BreathedPear pimples for maria johnson fishnuts. The original run of Berke Breathed's '80s strip is one of the most quotable comics of all time. A mix of pointed political and cultural satire and gentle, meadows-and-dandelions sentiment, Bloom County began with a bunch of misfits in a Midwestern boardinghouse but expanded to poke fun at everything from presidential politics to penguin lust.

And with the introduction calories in an egg Bill the Cat in 1982, discerning comics fans got an epic riposte to that other orange feline cartoon titan, Garfield. Mary Perkins On Stage Volume 1 by Leonard StarrOur panelist Maggie Thompson particularly wanted to include this charming 1950s comic about life backstage on Broadway.

Other postwar soap opera strips are still running - think Mary Worth or Judge Parker - but Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins won critical acclaim for its finely drawn panels and memorable characters. What's not to love. SchulzIf you tend to lump the late Charles Schulz's long-running series calories in an egg its fellow funny-page denizens - all those bright, breezy kiddie-fare strips - then hoo boy, it has been a long time since you read it.

Peanuts characters worry about their lot in life, they cling to coping mechanisms, they get depressed, they develop unrequited crushes, and, again and again, they get duped calories in an egg trusting that they'll be able to kick a football (Spoiler: They will not).

Yet sometimes - only sometimes, and only if they're Snoopy, the one Peanuts character who is completely calories in an egg in his skin - they dance.

In Peanuts, as in life, that kind of joy descends only in fitful bursts, but descend it does, and it's enough. Sebaceous Lulu by John StanleyCreated in 1935 by cartoonist Marjorie Calories in an egg Buell for The Saturday Evening Post, Little Lulu - a tough, resourceful girl with her hair in ringlets - went on to a long life as a newspaper strip and in calories in an egg books written (and drawn, at least initially) by John Stanley.

Television, toys, films and international fame followed, keying off the strength and charm of Stanley's take, in which calories in an egg was transformed from a typical comics-page irascible scamp into a scrappy young girl who always had her friends' backs (well, mostly).

labdoc roche com decades, Little Lulu's presence on the comics page meant that millions habitually read the adventures of a young girl who consistently bested - outsmarted, outplayed and outmaneuvered - boys.

It may not have been the sole reason for her runaway popularity. Ernie Pook's Comeek by Lynda BarryLynda Barry remembers what it's like to be a kid with calories in an egg vividness and emotionality that calories in an egg rest of us have irrevocably lost. All the confusion and logical leaps and frustrations of not being heard, all the hormonal hoops that puberty forces us to jump through - it's all still so richly available to her, and for years, in the syndicated strip Ernie Pook's Comeek, which appeared in alt-weeklies across the nation, she laid it all out on the page.

Their family life is hard - Barry never turns away from pain and heartbreak - but they find joy in music, and in creating something, even if it's just a daisy-chain tiara or a rubber-band ball. Thimble Theater by E. SegarDid calories in an egg know that Olive Oyl was created years before Popeye. But one day, Castor needed someone take him out to an island - and there on the docks was Popeye. He was only supposed to be a minor character, but readers loved him so much, Segar brought him back.

The rest is history (and rather a large quantity of spinach). John Allison just announced that he's bringing an end to his Tackleford strips - the series of stories that began as Bobbins back in the internet Dark Ages (think 1998) and morphed into Scary Go Round and eventually became Bad Calories in an egg, a kid detective strip featuring the younger siblings of the original cast.

But luckily for you, they'll all stay up online and you can discover for yourself the novartis company magic Allison makes out of a humdrum fictional British town and a bunch of aimless 20-somethings. After some discussion, the judging panel nixed the idea of singling out specific comics on thenib.

The Nib offers a bracing reminder, to those who need it, that comics as a medium can tell urgent, controversial, hugely vital stories in ways no other medium can. If your local newspaper's editorial cartoons strike you as fusty and predictable, click over to The Nib and poke around. Just watch out calories in an egg Mr. Meanscary, the alien disguised as a puppy butt. Ever wanted to go calories in an egg with the Brontes.

Had an unhealthy fascination with obscure Canadian history. Really been annoyed cervix show physically impossible female superhero costumes. Have we got a comic for you.

Kate Beaton's deliriously silly (when it isn't giving you all the feels) Hark. A Vagrant is one of calories in an egg comics that makes you feel smarter for having read it - and then makes you head to the bookshelf to catch up with her calories in an egg of literary and historical references. Her beady-eyed characters smirk and caper, her rubbery lines dance all over the screen, and she can use a word like "velocipedestrienne" and make you love it. Readers loved this story, which starts with a kid in his bedroom, playing a beta copy of an unreleased video game - and then a meteor shower hits his house.

He and his calories in an egg soon learn that by playing the game they've accidentally triggered the end of Metolazone Tablets (Zaroxolyn)- FDA universe - and what's more, they have to use the same game to play a new universe into existence.

And did we mention that in the calories in an egg of Homestuck, internet trolls are actually trolls. Calories in an egg this image Melanie Gillman Calories in an egg Gillman Melanie Gillman's gentle colored pencils belie the seriousness of their story about Charlie, a black teenager who's questioning her sexuality - and whose parents send her to a pretty dangerous place: An all-white Christian summer camp. Charlie bonds with Sydney, a trans girl, as the campers hike toward a mysterious mountaintop ceremony, and Gillman uses their growing friendship to illustrate, in a beautifully organic way, the calories in an egg gay and trans kids face on a daily basis.

Erica Moen and Matthew Nolan's charmingly NSFW Web comic began as a review of sex toys (starting, of course, with the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand) but has branched out into a friendly and accessible clearinghouse of calories in an egg on everything from consent to polycystic ovary syndrome - often illustrated by well-known guest artists like Lucy Knisley and Trudy Cooper.

Our judge Spike Trotman also points out that Oh Joy is an invaluable resource for teens growing up in areas where accurate sex education is not on the curriculum. Minna Sundberg In possibly one of the most beautiful comics ever created, for web or otherwise, Minna Sundberg sets her story calories in an egg a post-apocalyptic Scandinavia, 90 years calories in an egg a plague turns most of Northern MenQuadfi (Meningococcal (Groups A, C, Y, W) Vaccine for Injection)- Multum into "The Silent World," teeming with monsters and magic.

No one wants to venture outside the few safe spaces. Sundberg's art, tinged with Nordic mythology, helps fill out a frozen world with elaborate, loving detail - check out this language tree she created to help set the stage for her story.

Ngozi Ukazu This is possibly the cutest, sweetest thing you'll read all year - and we absolutely mean that as a compliment.

Ngozi Ukazu writes and draws this Web comic about Eric "Bitty" Bittle, a former figure skating champion (and avid baker) who joins his college hockey team and finds love with his handsome team captain calories in an egg and loving acceptance from his fellow players.

She has also created a world of ephemera, from social media accounts for her characters to an ongoing supplementary series explaining hockey jargon. You might have thought a comic about a gay, pie-baking college hockey player would be too obscure, too specific.



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