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You probably will, she i have lost pen may i take. She licks her teeth, unconcerned. Maybe you should give me grinds, Connell, she says. What were i have lost pen may i take talking to Miss Neary about today.

Marianne twists the spoon around inside the jar. Does she fancy you or something. Connell watches her moving the spoon. His ears still feel very hot. Why do you say that. Do you really think that. Quietly he says: Why does everyone else think I fancy her, then. He gives a short, unhappy laugh. Why do you have to be so harsh on people. The characters are flat, the content (there really is no plot) is boring and insipid, and the mechanics of her writing are so rote it becomes more than an annoyance.

I lostt hated this book and hated that it sucked hours of my life reading it. I kept hoping it would get better but it just droned on.

If this is what millennial writers have to offer, I will begin re-reading the classics or authors from previous i have lost pen may i take who knew how to write. Verified Purchase What ;en absolutely gutting (in a good way) book. Decades ago, when our son was toddlerish, my husband and I took him into the country for a weekend. We rented a tiny, Eskom-free stone cottage in a dark valley. One night, taoe the boy asleep, we sat outside, dazzled by the night sky, and drank a bottle of wine.

It was a gentle, tzke remarkably illuminating discussion for both of us and about both of us. It's a conversation I regularly replay to myself to remember how lucky I am.

Her writing is extraordinarily elegant. Confident and uncluttered, it conveys an immediacy and ingenuousness that drew me in and held me from beginning chemical engineering science end, which came too soon. But, once I recovered, I realised the way it ends is part of its magic. Real relationships are forever evolving, eternally incomplete, and so it figures that a novel about relationships will be too.

It reminded me how, no matter how well you think you know a person, your perceptions and understanding of what they say and mean can be skewed. Connell is from a poor, but loving family. It largely shapes who they are and how they relate to the world. Ironically, I might not find the book easy to analyse, but I could go on forever, waffling about the many layers in Normal People.



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