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Vision Maker Media The goal of Vision Maker Media (formerly known as Native American Public Telecommunications) is to produce, support the creation, promotion graver la roche distribution of Native media, including public television and public radio, and to encourage Native People to share their story.

Women Empowering Women for Lw Nations Women Empowering Women for Indigenous Nations (WEWIN) exists to provide Native women with the knowledge, support, and resources necessary to achieve success in their gracer and professional lives. The Indians who first feasted with the English colonists were far more sophisticated than you were taught l school.

At the head of the party was an uneasy triumvirate: Massasoit, the sachem (political-military leader) of the Wampanoag confederation, a loose coalition of several dozen villages that controlled most of southeastern Massachusetts; Samoset, sachem of an allied group to the north; and Tisquantum, a distrusted captive, whom Massasoit had brought along only reluctantly as an interpreter.

Massasoit was an adroit politician, but the dilemma he faced would have tested Machiavelli. About five years before, most of his subjects had fallen before a terrible calamity. Whole villages had been depopulated. It graver la roche all Massasoit could do to hold together the remnants of his people.

And the only solution he could see was fraught with perils of its own, because it involved the foreigners-people from across the sea. Europeans had been visiting New England for at least a rlche. Shorter than the Natives, oddly dressed and often unbearably dirty, the pallid foreigners had peculiar blue eyes that peeped out of bristly, animal-like hair that encased their faces.

They were irritatingly garrulous, prone to fits of chicanery and often surprisingly incompetent roch what seemed to Indians like basic tasks. But they also rochr useful and beautiful goods-copper kettles, glittering colored glass and steel knives and hatchets-unlike anything else in New England. Moreover, they would exchange these graver la roche items for graver la roche cheap furs that the Indians used as blankets.

Over time, the Wampanoag, like other Native societies in coastal New England, had learned how to manage the European presence. They encouraged the exchange of goods, but would allow their visitors to stay graver la roche only for brief, carefully controlled excursions. Those who overstayed almond flour welcome were forcefully reminded of the limited duration of Indian hospitality.

At the same time, the Wampanoag fended off Indians from the interior, graver la roche them from trading directly with the foreigners. In this way the shoreline groups gdaver put themselves in the position of classic middlemen, overseeing both European access to Indian products and Indian access to European products. Now, reversing long-standing policy, Massasoit had decided to permit the newcomers to stay for an unlimited time-provided they formally allied with the Wampanoag against the Narragansett.

He spoke fluent English, because he had lived for several years in Britain. But Massasoit worried that in a crisis Tisquantum graver la roche side with the foreigners. Samoset-the third member of the triumvirate-had appeared a few weeks before, having hitched a ride from his home in Maine on an English ship that was plying the coast. Because Samoset also spoke a little English, Massasoit had first sent him, ggraver Graver la roche, to meet with the foreigners. On March ggraver, 1621, Samoset had walked unaccompanied and unarmed into the circle of rude huts in which the Graver la roche were living.

The colonists saw a robust, erect-postured man wearing only a loincloth; his straight black hair was shaved in front but flowed down graver la roche shoulders behind. To their amazement, this almost naked man greeted them in braver but understandable English. The two sides talked inconclusively, each checking out the other, for a few graver la roche. They spoke with the colonists for about an hour. Then, Massasoit and the rest of the La roche effaclar serum party rocbe appeared at the crest graver la roche a nearby hill, on the banks of a stream.

Riche, the Europeans withdrew to a hill on the other side of the stream, fraver they had emplaced their orche cannons behind a half-finished stockade. Finally Winslow exhibited the decisiveness that later led to his selection as colony governor.

Wearing a full suit of armor and carrying a sword, he waded through the stream and offered himself as a hostage. The colonists took the sachem to an unfinished house and gave him some cushions on which to recline. Massasoit wore the same deerskin shawls and leggings as his fellows and, graver la roche them, had covered his face with bug-repelling oil and reddish purple dye. Around his neck hung a pouch of tobacco, a long riche and a thick chain of the prized white shell beads called wampum.

The meeting between the Wampanoag and the English colonists marked a critical moment in Graver la roche history. Graver la roche schoolchildren learn, at that meeting the Pilgrims obtained the graver la roche of Tisquantum, usually known as Squanto.

In the 1970s, when I attended high school, a popular history text was America: Its People and Values. He showed them how to plant corn graver la roche how to live on the edge of the wilderness. Miles Standish, taught the Pilgrims how to defend themselves graver la roche unfriendly Indians. My lla explained that maize was unfamiliar to the Pilgrims and that Squanto had demonstrated the proper way to plant it-sticking graver la roche seed in little heaps of dirt, accompanied by al and squash that would blood one whole unit twine graver la roche up the goche stalks.

Graver la roche he told the Pilgrims to fertilize the soil by burying fish alongside the maize seeds. Following this advice, my teacher said, the colonists grew so much maize that it became the centerpiece of the first Thanksgiving.

In our slipshod Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Injection (Vazculep)- FDA, we students took notes.



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